Taking Zinc to Make Your Botox or Dysport Last Longer

In case you don’t know: Botox doesn’t last forever. How long the results will stay differ from patient to patient, but in a typical scenario, the results generally last for three to four months. Some factors that can affect the length of Botox duration include the type of dermal filler and its thickness in the formula. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to get Botox for the first or eleventh time; it always feels great to have maximum results that last as long as possible.

Top 5 Filler Trends At BB Aesthetic You Need To Try

Dermal fillers provide the perfect opportunity to enhance your beauty with non-surgical, fast-acting results. The use of dermal fillers over the past few decades has greatly increased among patients of all ages, covering a variety of treatment needs. Fillers are a great solution for more long-lasting, visibly immediate results. This explains why many patients today are getting fillers, rather than just Botox, or are coming into BB Aesthetic for a combination of the two types of injectables.