BB Beauty Bank


Beauty Bank is our newest membership program that allows you to bank your membership fees to use on future purchases. Sign up for up to $50/month (minimum three month commitment) and bank your dollars into rewards points. These points can be used for services and products purchased in our Medical Spa. $1 = 1 point of credit in our Med-Spa. Example $50 membership = 50 points monhtly to use in office. Points = Dollars so 50 points can be redeemed for $50 in office. Cancel anytime after 90 days and with a 30 day notice. Benefits, points redeeming and free facial start 24 hours after sign up.


  • Bank up to $50 dollars into points redeemable on most services and products at BB Aesthetic* monthly.

  • Save 10% Active BB | Beauty Bank members get 10% off all services.*

  • Save 10% Active BB | Beauty Bank members get 10% off all in office products.*

  • Free Facial when you sign up with this program ($50 Value)*

*Terms and Conditions Apply

Terms and Conditions

Minimum 3 month commitment required before entering program.
Points do not hold any cash value.
30 day notice of intent to exit must be received by email at
Points are non-refundable.
Points must be used before exit of program.
Points and incentives cannot be combined with any other offers.
Points and incentives cannot be used for Pre-Paid Packages
Alle/Evolus/Aspire can be used with these points.
Max $100 can be banked per month. Amounts over $50 do not entitle member to more benefits or free gifts. One per client.
Points cannot be used to purchase gift cards or used to purchase any gift card specials.
Undereye/Tear Trough Target Areas not eligible for a discount. This includes offers from Beauty Bank, email or any other discount offered.
Cannot be combined with other specials
Read all of the Terms & Conditions here