General Manager

“I’m a huge advocate for doing whatever makes you feel happy, and seeing clients leave feeling confident in their appearance puts a smile on my face.

”Lindsay’s mantra is: “Teamwork makes the dream work.” Lindsay makes it a priority to serve her clients, while being a team player among her colleagues. In addition to scheduling and coordinating client appointments, Lindsay Biddle manages inventory, prepares patient charts and is available to answer any client questions. “For almost half of my life, I have worked in fields where communication is key. I am confident that I can help guide you in the right direction.”

After graduating from Central Ohio Technical College, Lindsay spent 15 years in healthcare. Her experience included critical patient care and patient scheduling, and she has worked in the emergency room at a local hospital for the past six years. Lindsay is also certified in phlebotomy and basic life support.

Lindsay grew up in Johnstown, Ohio —  in a log cabin back in the woods — and she loves being outdoors.  She has hiked five national parks and plans on knocking more of these off her bucket list in the future. Lindsay is also an avid runner, having completed countless 5K races, eight half marathons and two full marathons. Proving yet again that she’s not a couch potato, LIndsay also enjoys kayaking and has twice completed 137 miles of kayaking on the Scioto River, down to the Ohio River.

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