The BB Man Shot (PRP)

What is the Penile Shot?

The Penile Shot is a quick and painless injection that can be used for men who have lost penile function due to conditions like an enlarged prostate, prostate cancer, diabetes, drug side effects, or the after-effects of surgery. The Penile Shot can also be effective in treating erectile dysfunction. This treatment harnesses the power of platelet-rich plasma, encouraging proper function, increased blood flow and tissue growth.

How Does the Penile Shot Work?

Our blood’s platelets cause blood to clot after a wound, but they do far more than this. With the help of stem cells and specialized growth factors, platelets can accelerate healing and stimulate growth. In recent decades, professional athletes have used injections of platelet-rich plasma to speed the healing process. In a similar procedure, the Penile Shot uses the patient’s own plasma to heal, regenerate, and improve penile function.

What is the Penile Shot Procedure?

The patient provides a blood sample, which is then separated by centrifuge. After the red blood cells are removed, a powerful, super-concentrated, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) remains. The patient then receives a local numbing anesthetic and injections of PRP in areas that are crucial to erectile function and sexual arousal. The procedure takes around thirty minutes.

Who Can Use the Penile Shot?

An estimated 15-30 million American men struggle with erectile dysfunction (ED), and many have occasional problems with their erections, especially when reaching middle age. This can cause issues with self-esteem and relationships. The Penile Shot can be helpful for individuals with erectile dysfunction, and it can also help men with physical problems such as diabetes, an enlarged prostate, or the after-effects of prostate cancer treatment.

At BB Aesthetic, we offer the Penile Shot for men and the O-Shot for women, to improve the relationships of our patients and their partners. To find out more about the Penile Shot, schedule a consultation today.