Holiday Spectacular 2023

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Contest ends on 12/23/2023. Winners will be announced daily VIA our Instagram page. BB Aesthetic reserves the right to change and cancel any details of the giveaway at any time. Any winnings must be redeemed within 365 days of 11/24/2023. By submitting this entry I agree to allow BB Aesthetic to send me marketing information by email. You must enter daily to be consider for that day's giveaway

Holiday Spectacular 2023 PRE-BUYS

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Volux Prebuy: $574(Save $125 on 1ml

Xeomin Prebuy Buy 30 Get 10 $300 (Save $100)


$100 off Juvederm Filler

$295 For 1 ml of Semaglutide

$100 off each vial of Sculptra.

Botox $9.99/unit Tuesdays and Wednesdays


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