I’d like to share my experience with BB Aesthetics! First things first: I am a Michigander [Women’s weight loss expert, follow me on Instagram! @ashleyharland_ ], I had a photoshoot coming up, and desperately needed my Botox redone. Since we are currently quarantined here in MI, I decided to Google around for open offices in Ohio. BB was the first one to pop up, so after browsing their Instagram and saw their results, I made an appointment and decided to make a 3 hour hike. I had an overall great experience and would visit again if I wasn’t 3 hours away lol, but would love to give my full review for some honest feedback as a guest: This was the first week of BB opening so it was a bit busy and I did have to wait awhile. There was a woman doing COVID screening before you go into the office and frankly she was not friendly. She didn’t make eye contact with me, smile, or offer me a beverage while I waited in the hallway. 💔 The woman at the front desk was very friendly though, the waiting room smelled amazing and was warm, making me feel more comfortable. I ended up getting Newtox in my forehead instead of Botox and am VERY pleased with it! I have no weird bumps or bulges and it froze up amazing. 😍🙌🏼 I worked with Kerri I believe, and she answered my questions about Newtox and also a lip flip. I felt as if she were rushed (again, very busy I’m assuming) but that’s not a good feeling to have when someone is working on your face. I wasn’t numbed which was new for me and I will admit, it hurt. I wasn’t offered numbing cream when I asked about it or when I expressed my pain, which was disappointing. I wanted a lip flip with Botox as well, so she used numbing cream for that, but didn’t do much in my opinion. It was a bit painful so she was sure to be fast, which I appreciated, but now I keep wondering if she ended up putting the full amount in or not? I do not feel it made much of a difference to my lips. But overall, the BEAUTIFUL results of my forehead and the lower investment made this 6 hour trip so worth it. I wish there was a BB location in Michigan! I hope this feedback finds you well! Pictures attached are full eyebrow raise, angry face, and lip flip before/after [scribbled out pokes].